Our work

Best Fence – DC is experienced at providing all types of commercial fence installations, repairs and maintenance ranging from large-scale bridge and highway fence to intricate customized ornamental iron fencing. The installations and products that are most often requested by our customers include:

Highway Right-of-Way & Bridge Fencing: 6-foot high, vinyl-coated, 5-gauge chain link material located 50-200 feet off the highway — includes bridge and overpass safety fence

These projects are typically contracted through large general contractors on behalf of the state or district.

Sports Field & Court Fencing: Baseball backstops and outfields, soccer and football fields and tennis and basketball courts

Commercial Security Fence & Gates (Manual & Automated): Perimeter fence and gates of all sizes — includes manual or automated swing and slide gates and access control devices

Safety & High-Security Fencing: Fencing around storm-water management ponds and facilities, telecommunications towers, utility substations (gas and electric), solar panel fields and commercial HVAC and mechanical equipment (enclosures)

Detention Facility Fencing: Fence installations, including barbed-wire and razor ribbon

Temporary Fencing: Portable fence panels or chain link supported by driven posts (as opposed to concrete footers), often used to secure construction sites

Customized Ornamental Picket Fencing: Hollow tube (aluminum or steel) and solid steel custom welded ornamental fence and gates

Chain Link Fencing
Ornamental Fencing
Wood Fencing
Sports/Court Fencing
Bridge Fencing
High Security Fencing
Custom Fencing